SAVE THE BEES explainer video

Design Sector

Motion Graphics


1.5 min Animated Explainer Video




The objective of this project is to spread awareness about the decreasing bee population with statistics and ways to help. The solution to spread awareness is creating an engaging ~1.5 minute animated short.
Process & Steps
Save the bee Research
Research & Voice

Research about the honeybees problem is done so that the explainer video offers valid and up to date information and statistics.

All key points is then summarized and made to fit a script for the voice over stage.


A mood board is made to set the tone and style of the animations. I wanted the short to be colourful and have an illustration style that attracts and pulls viewers in. Colour palette is also heavily based on the colours of the honeybees to relate to the subject.

Save the Bee Moodboard
Save The Bee Storyboard

Following the script, I created a storyboard that highlights key scenes. A story is made with characters that viewers may relate to and that the story should be suitable for all ages


To better plan for the final animation process, an animatic is made where storyboard sketches are lined up with the voice over to start visualizing the flow of the short.

Save the bee styleframes

All style frames are created in Adobe Illustrator where production begins with layering and organizing animation assets to bring into Adobe After Effects.


Style frames are then imported into After Effects for animation and transitions. All animation follows sound and uses core principles and easing to give smooth animation and flow.

After Effects Save the Bees