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ReminderBot is a fictional smart home mobile application. Connected to a smart home reminder device, the app is a newly innovative way to enhance the way people are reminded of daily tasks and health tips. The goal of this project is to design an app that applies good user interaction with smooth UI animation.
Process & Steps
User Personas and Journey Map
Personas & customer journey & Empathy maps

The main target audience are people who spend hours glued to their desks and computers due to tasks such as work or gaming. ReminderBot can help to improve their quality of living by setting reminders and health tips.

Knowing the target audience and understanding the point of view of potential users is key to the success of the app.


An app proposal was created summarizing main points of the app: description, pain points, tasks, interactions, inspirations, and competitive analysis of similar apps.

The main purpose of ReminderBot is to provide custom daily reminders set by the user as well as health reminders such as stretching and next meal timers.

Reminder Bot Proposal
User Flow
USEr flow

A user flow chart was made to help organize and plan out how the app is used. This process ensures I prioritize the user's needs in creating a flow that is easy to use.

I create a flow from a start task to an end task and includes any problem errors that users may find while using the app.

Low fidelity wireframing

Initial planning on how each screen will be displayed following the user flow. The skeletal framework provides a visual for how spacing, hierarchy and base contents will look on the finalized app.

I focused on the main interactions for the app which include setting and editing daily reminders as well as customization and settings for the default health reminders that the device offers.

Low Fidelity Screens
High Fidelity Screens
HIgh fidelity wireframing

From the low fidelity wireframes, I can evaluate any problems and remove any unnecessary complexities that users may encounter with the app.

This stage is intended to give a clear vision of the intended final look.

From this, production is done in Illustrator and imported into After Effects where each user interaction and screen transitions are animated.

High Fidelity Screens